Does CreativeLive offer gift certificates?

Does CreativeLive offer gift certificates?

At this time we do not have a traditional gift certificate program, but we do have a "Gift a Course" option. On the course page there is a button labeled GIVE AS A GIFT which will start the gift purchasing process.

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    • Can I gift the Creator Pass?

      Yes, you are able to gift a monthly or annual Creator Pass. Please click here to get started.
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      Oh no! If the app is not launching on your mobile device, please try the following troubleshooting steps: 1. Please make sure you’re connected to WIFI or a cell network and you have a good connection. 2. Make sure you're signed in with the correct ...
    • How do I delete my account with CreativeLive?

      Please email to request a link to delete your account. 
    • What do I get with my purchase on CreativeLive?

      CreativeLive offers two ways to pay for access to our catalog:  1.) Purchasing an individual class on CreativeLive provides you with lifetime, on-demand access to download or stream that class's lessons and any related class materials. The class ...
    • How do I access CreativeLive on Apple TV

      Please use the following steps to access our content on Apple TV: 1. On the latest version of Apple TV, navigate to the "app store" icon. (If you have a pre-4th generation version of Apple TV, you will not see the App store or be able to download the ...