How can I participate in the LIVE studio audience?

How can I participate in the LIVE studio audience?

We would love for you to join us for an upcoming class! All of our audiences are made up of CreativeLive students who applied through our In-Studio page.


Every one of our classes has a limited number of seats reserved for students eager to learn in this hands-on, dynamic setting. As a CreativeLive in-studio audience member, you'll interact face-to-face with the instructor, receive coaching tailored to your unique personal and professional areas of improvement, and join a vibrant community of creative professionals.

- All CreativeLive in-studio audience members will be on camera, live!
- CreativeLive classes are free to attend.
- You'll be responsible for your own travel expenses to the CreativeLive studios.
- CreativeLive covers breakfast and lunch every day of the class.
- If you're under 18 and are selected to be in-studio with us, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while you're here.
- In-studio audience members receive a free copy of the class (including both videos and bonus material) as a thank you for participating.
- Please note there is limited seating; we ask all applicants to answer a question or two to determine if they'd truly benefit from attending a class.

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