How do I checkout?

How do I checkout?

To checkout, you will want to fill out all of the information on the Shopping Cart page and then click on the Complete Purchase button: 

If you experience any issues checking out, please contact

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    • I'm trying to check out but I am receiving an error message.

      The most common error that can occur during check out is tied to the address information being entered during the check out process. Our payment processor has an address verification step, it checks that the address entered for your card during check ...
    • Why am I being charged taxes?

      Depending on the location of your billing address we may have to collect taxes owed to the government of that address. If you have specific questions about the taxes you are being charged please reach out to us directly at ...
    • How does auto-renewal work for the subscription?

      Annual Paid Annually:  If you choose a prepaid annual subscription, your subscription will begin when we receive your annual payment. You will be charged, in one lump sum, the annual rate stated at the time of purchase, plus applicable taxes if the ...