How do I watch free classes?

How do I watch free classes?

Every day on CreativeLive we broadcast six curated classes from our catalog throughout the day for free!

These are streamed live, so you have to watch them in real time, but they do repeat at the end of the broadcast on a loop for 24 hours, from 9AM - 9AM Pacific Time. 

These free streams are meant to be an opportunity for any prospective students to get free access to our content while providing a preview of the full CreativeLive experience you get through individual purchase or the Creator Pass. 

Additionally, every class in our catalog will have two pre-selected lessons for free viewing, always. 

If you are interested in purchasing full access, you can do so right from the class page next to the free preview. 


If you have any additional questions regarding the platform, please consult our Terms of Use or email us at
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      We will typically re-broadcast a live class at the conclusion of the broadcast, on a loop, until 9AM PDT the following day. This assures that our students all over the globe can make time in their daily schedule to tune in to our free broadcasts, ...
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      If you wish to put an upcoming free class date into your calendar or be reminded of a free broadcast, you can RSVP from the calendar on our On Air page: If you have any additional questions regarding the platform, please ...
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      All of the bonus materials included with our classes, if they exist, can be found just under the course description. Example Below from the website: If you are using the CreativeLive App on iOS, you can access them on the class page, under ...
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      Your purchased classes live under the My Library section on the home page of  LINK: To access your purchase, follow the steps below: Log-in to your CreativeLive account. Click on the ...
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      You should be able to find your new class under Owned Classes, if you do not see them after purchase then you may need to troubleshoot! Make sure you're signed in with the correct account. You can see the email address under the cog icon on the Home ...