I've created two or more accounts, can I merge them?

I've created two or more accounts, can I merge them?

Yes you can, but you will need to email support@creativelive.com to get the process started. In your email, please provide the email addresses associated with all the accounts you want to merge. Please also provide us which account/email you would like to be your primary account going forward.
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    • How do I delete my account with CreativeLive?

      Please email support@creativelive.com to request a link to delete your account. 
    • How do I update the profile on my account?

      You can update profile information on your account from the Account Profile page  When you change any information in the profile fields, wait for a green check mark to make sure it is saved.  If you have any additional questions regarding the ...
    • Do I have to sign in with Facebook?

      To confirm you are not required to have an account with Facebook to log into out site, we simply offer this as a convenience option. We also accept accounts to be set up manually with the use of an email address and password. See the highlights in ...
    • How do I update my time zone?

      You can update your time zone under your Account Profile page.  EXAMPLE:  If you have any issues setting your time zone feel free to reach out to us at support@creativelive.com.
    • How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to email updates?

      You can update your email subscription settings on the Account Settings page.  Check or Un-check each notification box you wish to alter, or simply click "Global Unsubscribe" and then click "Save Changes" If you have any additional questions ...