Is the subscription eligible for a refund?

Is the subscription eligible for a refund?

After purchasing the annual or monthly subscription, you have a 7-Day period within which you can try the full pass out and request a refund by emailing if you are not satisfied.

After this 7-Day period, we are unable to refund your charge, however you are still able to cancel your subscription auto renewal at the following link.

Please note, that if you are on an annual commitment pass that is charged monthly, you will continue to be billed for the remaining months. If you are on a yearly pass you will continue to have pass benefits until your date of expiration. 

If you have any additional questions regarding the subscription, please email us at

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      Due to pre-existing agreements with some of our instructors, a small number of instructors and classes are excluded from the subscription. These exclusions are listed below. Excluded Instructors: - Zack Arias - Marc Goodman - Julieanne Kost - Steven ...
    • Do you have a policy for returns/refunds?

      Our Refund Policy for individual classes is available in our Terms of Use, we’ll copy it below!   “If you notify us within 30 days of the purchase that you are not satisfied with a Course, we will issue you a refund. If you notify us within 30 days ...
    • Where is my subscription?

      If you are logged in and you are not seeing your subscription benefits:  Typically, the cause of this issue is being logged into a different account that does not have your subscription access on it.  You can go to to check ...
    • Will the subscription work on my Apple TV device?

      Yes! Although our Apple TV app can not search the entire CreativeLive Catalog, subscription users can access all of the pre-selected classes that are available on the Apple TV app for CreativeLive. Additionally, to watch custom selected classes, ...
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      Annual Paid Annually:  If you choose a prepaid annual subscription, your subscription will begin when we receive your annual payment. You will be charged, in one lump sum, the annual rate stated at the time of purchase, plus applicable taxes if the ...