What are all the subscription benefits?

What are all the subscription benefits?

Your subscription includes exclusive benefits and a seamless learning experience on CreativeLive.com and mobile app. All benefits include:
  1. The best value available on CreativeLive classes and content
  2. Fast Class! Super usable highlight reels of our top classes, only accessible with the subscription. See all fast classes here: https://www.creativelive.com/fastclass
  3. On-demand access to our library of 1500+ classes
  4. Download lessons for offline viewing on iPhone/iPad app
  5. Set a goal and then track your progress through our curated learning paths
  6. Seamless syncing between desktop and mobile
  7. 60k+ digestible lessons for quick deep dives into tactics, software, mindsets and more
  8. Tune into exclusive conferences including Photo Week and Photoshop® Week
  9. Download all class bonus materials so you can get the most out of each class
  10. New classes published every month, the library grows with you

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    • Are there any exclusions for the subscription?

      Due to pre-existing agreements with some of our instructors, a small number of instructors and classes are excluded from the subscription. These exclusions are listed below. Excluded Instructors: - Zack Arias - Marc Goodman - Julieanne Kost - Steven ...
    • Where is my subscription?

      If you are logged in and you are not seeing your subscription benefits:  Typically, the cause of this issue is being logged into a different account that does not have your subscription access on it.  You can go to creativelive.com/account/ to check ...
    • Is the subscription eligible for a refund?

      After purchasing the annual or monthly subscription, you have a 7-Day period within which you can try the full pass out and request a refund by emailing support@creativelive.com if you are not satisfied. After this 7-Day period, we are unable to ...
    • Can I download class materials with the subscription?

      Yes! Any class materials that come with purchase of a CreativeLive class will be accessible to subscription holders
    • How does auto-renewal work for the subscription?

      Annual Paid Annually:  If you choose a prepaid annual subscription, your subscription will begin when we receive your annual payment. You will be charged, in one lump sum, the annual rate stated at the time of purchase, plus applicable taxes if the ...