When will you have an Android version of your app?

When will you have an Android version of your app?

Currently, the CreativeLive app is only available for iOS 13+ compatible devices.

We are still considering our approach for an Android app, although we do not have any specific comments on development at this time. 

We thank you for your interest, and hope to have some good news for you in the near future!

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    • How do I purchase a course on the iPhone App?

      Unfortunately, CreativeLive is unable to offer purchases within our iOS app. You can purchase courses online at CreativeLive.com, they will automatically show up in your account on the app. Keyword: ios, apple, iphone, app
    • How can I be refunded for my In-App purchase?

      Service for In-App purchases are provided by Apple, Inc. All refund requests for In-App purchases will need to be conducted through Apple. Please see the below link to contact Apple Support regarding your In-App purchase. ...
    • Are the prices in the iOS app shown in my local currency?

      Pricing in the app is based on the App Store you are logged in with.  If you are logged into your country's App Store, you will see pricing in local currency.  If you see class pricing in another country's currency, please check your app store log-in ...
    • How do I access the Lesson of the Day on the iOS app?

      To access your free Lesson of the Day in the iOS app use the following steps:  1. Select a class by using the Search function (bottom right icon) 2. Choose a lesson from the class page drop down menu by clicking on the Play "triangle"  3. Selecting a ...
    • Do classes that I purchase in the iOS App also appear on creativelive.com?

      Yes, any class that you purchase within the app will be available when you login on your desktop, and vice versa! If you have difficulties finding a class in your account, please visit our help center to open a help request. ...