Where is my Creator Pass?

Where is my Creator Pass?

If you are logged in and you are not seeing your Creator Pass benefits: 

Typically, the cause of this issue is being logged into a different account that does not have your Creator Pass access on it. 

You can go to creativelive.com/account/ to check for a "Subscription" tab. 

If you still cannot see your Creator Pass after assuring that you are using the right account, please contact support@creativelive.com for further assistance. 

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    • Is the Creator Pass eligible for a refund?

      After purchasing the Creator Pass you have a 7-Day period within which you can try the full pass out and request a refund by emailing support@creativelive.com if you are not satisfied. After this 7-Day period, we are unable to refund your charge, ...
    • Are there any exclusions for the Creator Pass?

      Due to pre-existing agreements with some of our instructors, a small number of instructors and classes are excluded from the Creator Pass. These exclusions are listed below. Excluded Instructors: - Zack Arias - Marc Goodman - Julieanne Kost - Steven ...
    • Can I gift the Creator Pass?

      Yes, you are able to gift a monthly or annual Creator Pass. Please click here to get started.
    • What are all the Creator Pass benefits?

      Your pass includes exclusive benefits and a seamless learning experience on CreativeLive.com and mobile app. All benefits include: The best value available on CreativeLive classes and content Fast Class! Super usable highlight reels of our top ...
    • Can I download class materials with the Creator Pass?

      Yes! Any class materials that come with purchase of a CreativeLive class will be accessible to Creator Pass holders.