Why can I not access lessons from a previous day?

Why can I not access lessons from a previous day?

We're retired our DailyFocus App. You can still view one lesson a day for free using the CreativeLive App!
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    • How do I access my purchased classes?

      Your purchased classes live under the My Library section on the home page of creativelive.com.  LINK: https://www.creativelive.com/dashboard#mylibrary To access your purchase, follow the steps below: Log-in to your CreativeLive account. Click on the ...
    • How do I access the Lesson of the Day on the iOS app?

      To access your free Lesson of the Day in the iOS app use the following steps:  1. Select a class by using the Search function (bottom right icon) 2. Choose a lesson from the class page drop down menu by clicking on the Play "triangle"  3. Selecting a ...
    • When will I get access to the Creator Pass?

      You will have immediate access to the Creator Pass as soon as payment is processed. You will be charged the annual rate stated at the time of purchase as one lump sum, plus any applicable taxes.
    • How Can I Access Bonus Materials for a Class?

      All of the bonus materials from our classes should be on the class page located in the "Class Materials" section. Example Below:  If you are using the CreativeLive App on iOS, you can access them on the class page, under "Materials"  Example Below:  ...
    • Why can I not download all of the video lessons in one file?

      Unfortunately, there are only individual lesson files available for download at this time. We upload lessons separately so that those with slower internet connections or limited data can still download the lesson files. However, you are able to ...